ESO Leveling Guide to Dragonknight Class

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-05 17:37:36
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Since the ElderScrolls Online is coming around the corner,we always see many players talking about how expansive the game is ,then within the ever expansive world of the ESO ,there are numerous strategy for u to fllow .So when the game finally arrives u tend to be any types of leader.



Leveling in the ESO will largely focus on completing the main story while exploring the game and uncovering quests, rare mobs, dynamic content and dungeons along the way. As a Dragonknight, you should find that you will be able to do a great deal of AoE damage while fighting and that mobs should die fairly quickly. This means that you will be able to solo extremely well. Grouping with friends is another viable option, of course, and you may find yourself tanking in group environments even if you are not going the tanking route.

Team work 
When grouping with others, you may wish to have options for dealing damage as well as holding threat from your party members. Alternatively, you can slot a few support abilities and simply provide assistance that way. Flexibility is often key when grouping with others, especially against mobs that hit very hard. You may find that a ranged weapon is also useful, especially when fighting mobs that teleport during combat or that deal devastating AoE attacks in melee range.

If you wish to level solo, you should concentrate on discovering as many quests as possible. This is where the majority of your experience will come from. Grinding mobs is one possible way to gain experience, but by combining killing with completing quest objectives, you will level much quicker. Make sure to uncover all of the hidden areas of a map before moving on to the next area. By doing so, you should discover most of the quests that are located at unknown landmarks.

Make sure to utilize a build that focuses on killing quickly and efficiently, but also one that provides a few options as far as survivability and mitigation is concerned as well as a small dose of crowd control or self-heals. You can easily change your build when you are finished leveling. By combining active abilities and passive abilities from all three Dragonknight skill lines, you can find a build that works well for leveling and soloing purposes.