ESO Race Guide:The Imperials Race Detail Analysis

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-27 03:42:13
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The Imperial Race: Biology and Culture:
The Imperials are a race that has a swarthy skin that differentiates them from the typically fairer complexion of Bretons and Nords but even so not as dark as the tone of the Redguards. As for their faces they are the ones with the slightly sharper faces than other races of men.In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, when they are not part of the Imperial Legion based on their known diplomatic skills and cosmopolitan ideology they either are serving as stewards, traders or craftsmen.



The Imperial Race is, however, kind of a misnomer since the people from Cyrodiil are descendants of Cyro-Nordic that were enslaved by the Ayleids. The people of Cyrodill are currently divided into two main ethno-cultural groups, the Nibeneans and the Colovians. Both of them are descendants from the native Nedic and Cyro-Nordic but they have diverged a bit after consecutive invasions and interactions among races. In Western Cyrodill the Colovian Imperials are more Nordic; they share similar beliefs such as heavy martial and seafaring traditions. The Nibebeans have an Akaviri and to a lesser degree elven heritage, which makes them a race with greater appreciation for magic, art, commerce, and spirituality, in spite of being staunchly loyal to Alessian traditions. The groups reflect the Empire’s Culture that can only be described as a hybrid of Nordic, Aldmeri and Akaviri cultures.

The Imperial Race: Naming Conventions
Most Imperial characters where named with Latin names such as Sorex Vinius, Tullius, Camilla Valerius and Cicero among others which keeps the overall Roman theme and characteristics.Starting by Skyrim however, some Imperial names start to sound more Italian than Latin such as Viola Giordano, Severio Pelagia, Marcurio or Vittoria Vici which reflects the evolutions of the language and colonies overtime.

ESO Races: Imperial Passive Racial Abilities
Based on their experience and ability to fight, the Imperials have developed several qualities which makes them very hard to take down.Their specialty is based in the used of shields, which they have used for many years, making them much faster among other related races.

As if these features weren’t already threatening by themselves, based on their evolution overtime they’ve also developed a great deal of strength that not only gives them a lot more power as also lets them carry much more armor without it affecting their ability to move and even run.Based on their beliefs the Imperials have also acquired some faith on small amulets and tokens, sometimes even bringing them to battle, its real effect on them it will never be known, but what others who fought them have said is that those who carry them seem to have an outstanding ability to heal.