ESO Specialty Guide:Freedom of Choice in Game

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-05-09 13:32:41
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I can say that you may have not to play any game that provides the amount of unrestricted choices that ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) has. Except all morphs and the Vampire and Werewolf skill lines, players have about 75 active abilities to choose in Elder Scrolls Online. Maybe there are only ten ability slots available for players in game (expecting ultimate slots). Players will only can maximumly use 14% of total potential abilities. It may be a great number of choices for player and the most important is that customization is available to all of the gamers. It will be so awesome with this Specialty, just prepared more ESO Gold (Elder Scrolls Online Gold) to adventure in Elder Scrolls Online, buy more cheap ESO Gold here.



Freedom of Choice is an aspect of Elder Scrolls Online that players feel themselves overlooks or don’t aware of that how awesome it is. Players are not pigeon holed into a specific build archetype. What is different from the World of Warcraft is that if you’re Rogue you are Assassination, and no matter which one you choose, you can always be the stealthy one that can only DPS. However, in Elder Scrolls Online, if you would rather to be a Nightblade you can be a Nightblade that uses a sword and shield and tanks for your group. Maybe you want to be a healing nightblade which now is the most effective one.

As I have mentioned so many information about this aspects but players may take for granted. Either they are new players to the MMORPG type or have just out of mind that how unbelievable limited game classes used to be. This genre of character freedom is going to be the future for MMORPGs. At character creation you needn’t to pick up a class anymore. Instead you will design your character by your own self and as you play you will build the class whatever you want.