ESO test experience and power leveling guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-03-19 03:16:18
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After the game character is created, they came to the new village . It is understood that from the beginning Xinshoucun , games and tasks will link up the main storyline . Xinshoucun out , they came to the "Skyrim", and from here the beginning , players will learn from the NPC, where the sky is being invaded Molag Bal provincial forces , while the player's task is to escort a number of civilians to a safe area Morrowind there, and in the process of escorting the players also need to complete a number of additional tasks.


After reaching Morrowind, where due to the protection of specific terrain , chaotic situation seemed to improve , then some of the players will feel much comfortable , and after the previous stage of the trek escorted players for the entire game world is how it works also to have a general understanding. From Morrowind Here , players will be able to kill monsters received many tasks , and it is from here that we will be able to fight for the game system detailed understanding.


"ESO" battle mode and "Elder Scrolls 5" is very similar , but some special places worth mentioning. Monster in attack at the moment, its body will glow red , the player can use this prompt to initiate parry , parry once successfully put the monster stunned, then the player will be able to cast its fatal blow . However , to give players parry reaction time is very short , the players need to see the red light at the moment they press the right mouse button . In battle, players will suffer if the scope of the attack , on the same ground will glow red alert aperture , which also gives the players some time to escape the impending onslaught skills. In addition , "The Elder Scrolls Online" also retains the predecessor of the stealth capabilities, players can use this ability to ambush or escape the monster 's attention.


Since this is a media test, so the game not many . In the process of doing the task , and will not see too many people , most of the time is a person on foot walk between farms, city, mountain , and this is how to retrieve the play "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" I feel alone when .

In "The Elder Scrolls Online" , the player to travel except on foot away, also has a portal and mounts to choose from. It is understood that the players spend some money they can use the portal to reach anywhere in Tamriel continent , while the player 's death, these portals can also be used as the player's resurrection point to use.


"The Elder Scrolls Online" upgrade is still very old-fashioned way , players still need to do a lot of tasks and kill a lot of monsters to be able to effectively improve the character level , especially after the high level , the upgrade process has become particularly difficult . In the process of doing the task , the player will enter many areas , these places beautiful, filled with a variety of unusual things , but the only drawback is that the game is not yet a temporary area where place names hint system . And this is especially convenient for novice players , I hope the official will make improvements in the future. In addition players will cross many areas outside of the players will visit many located in the safe area of town and village in the process of doing the task . In these places , the player will also receive a lot of quests , learn many trade skills , as well as some of the other pro players content.


Down the entire gaming experience feel more like a network online version of the "Elder Scrolls 5", two games in many places too similar , and this is what many gamers and game reviewers criticized the game's place . "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" has come a long period of time, but it is still a good game , there are still many players playing . The question is whether the players will spend the same price to buy "The Elder Scrolls Online" client , then the price to $ 9 a month to continue playing before seem to have experienced the game content ? Yes, this new online game players can team up with friends to do the task , killing, and even the PK, but many of the "Elder Scrolls" core players more accustomed to his killing, do the task yourself , yourself traveling the world in Tamriel and adventure gameplay, but their future is able to accept this new game mode , there are still to be seen.