ESO: The Reasons Why Players Hate Playing PVP

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-01-27 16:04:56
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As a ESO player, do you like playing PVP? Of course, players like playing PVP. It's fun. While, some players dislike playing PVP. The reasons why they hate playing PVP are listed in this article.


1. Basically PvP is too hectic and too much effort, not to mention the seemingly endless riding across the map in cyrodiil or the sheer amount of pointless pve mobs getting in the way in imperial city.


2. The problem with PvP in this game is that you can take your gear and cp into the campaign, which means there is no equal ground. It also means new players have it very hard getting into PvP now. And in general, PvP communities are always overly hostile, juvenile and aggressive.


3. Out of the lag problems (lag makes the game unplayable sometimes) and bad performance. And there is no balance in PVP.


4.  The gear requirements are pretty high. It appears you need a proc set (while I do have one toon with Viper, not all my Cyrodiil ready toons do). Also, it seems like there are cheaters in Cyrodiil. 


5. Playing PVP is boring and tedious. Players complain that they don't like killing people. It is also too redundant killing and getting killed, capturing keeps/getting your keeps taken away/then have to recapture keeps, over and over again. Also gets old respawning at a keeps and have to trot back to a fight.


6. Keep and resource capture mechanics and AP (+XP) gain mechanics are really badly designed and can easily be abused (people are cheating their way to emperor or just lots of AP doing so)


7. The dominant playstyle of "successful" AP farming groups is incredibly simplistic and boring: they hide in stealth, have a few survival tank builds lure in victims, or capture resources to attract naive new players, or they do a fake retreat. When there are enough enemy victims around, they all just use their Destruction Staff ultimates at the same time, use gap closers or Bolt Escape to get in the middle of their enemies, and spam AoE skills (often, those aren't even needed as the Destro Staff ultimate alone is enough to kill many newbies). Rinse and repeat. 


Players play the game for fun. Playing PVP makes them feel stressed, so they don't like the PVP. What do you think? Share your ideas. For more information and eso gold, you can choose, where is the best place to buy eso gold.