ESO Tips for Grinding the Characters

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-11-28 03:11:55
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This page will tell you tips of the grinding. A good grind spot is much important. As it becomes too populated when the grind spot is exploited enough. Suggestions over choosing a grind spot are also given out.




First thing to do is joining an RP guild, not just any old grandma's rp guild, an ERP guild. You have to be 18+ to do this. You gotta say something in the zone chat like "bored boy looking for grind partner ;)" It is noted that You have to include the winky face, otherwise you'll get no partner to grind with. With a partner you unlock special "ambrosia." If you drink it, you get 69,000,000 XP from all ERP sessions.


One thing you shall notice is that most grind spots that we used to have don't really exist anymore, this is mostly because of the one tamriel update, now every location is scaled to your level. What we used to do is find a place slightly above our level to sap the most XP from it, but now every place basically has a potential to be a grind spot if and only if the add concentration is strong and can be stacked. 


Then here are some suggestions about the grind spot. 


A good grind spot is a place with easy, melee based mobs (so they charge you and bunch up) that give decent XP. So zombies are pretty ideal, as are some daedra. But you can go for the usual bandits and regular mobs, it's just that the archers and casters will prove a minor inconvenience. You'll barely notice, but it does make a difference not having to mop up stragglers. It's also got a quick respawn time. So no more than a minute or so before they come back. It also helps to have a good circuit or route. It's not necessary, but it mean you don't double up on the same pack of mobs accidentally and screw up the respawn pattern. It's generally just more efficient this way. 


For more specific places, there used to be a few places for specific level windows. The mass of dreugh on the beach in the Ebonheart Pact (can't remember the area) was a popular one for early levels in that alliance. It's well known. But now it's all scaled. Anywhere that fulfils the criteria above is good to go. The more out the way the better. To find them, doing quests and in the natural progression of the story is favorable, you'll come across a good few places that fit the bill.


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