ESO Update 3 Guide to Dyes Obtaining

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-08-01 11:25:04
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Dye system brings your more interest and pleasure in Elder Scrolls Online. There are over 200 colors total for choice. You can free select dyes to customizing your characters in ESO Update 3. This guide talks about how to obtain dyes for your character in ESO.

How to obtain dyes?
According to the game dye system, you can obtain dye colors by completing achievement throughout the game. A variety of achievements help you unlock different dyes for your character. In other word, dyes stand for your character’s achievements.

There is a set of special rare colors to design, which are combined with particularly difficult or pivotal achievements. For example, when you become a vampire, you can gain the “best” black dye named Noxiphilic Black. when joining the Mages Guild, you unlock the blue color that Mages Guild NPCs wear.

When you apply one to leather, for instance, the armor retains the look of that material. The rare dyes, the iridescent shades, can affect the material and have a special highlight color. That means they can apply effects like a metallic sheen, and that they shine with a second color that’s different from their base color—imagine a beetle’s shell or a raven’s feather, for instance. Like the rest of the dyes, iridescent colors are spread across many game systems, from the main quest to PvP in Cyrodiil to crafting. When you wear one, people will notice

Why do you need dyes?
Applying dyes, you can develop your ESO character. There is a comparison to show you the advantage of the update dyes.