ESO Update 5 Important Patch Notes on Class Skill and Weapon Skill

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2014-11-04 11:50:51
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What is the hottest discussion about The ElderScrolls Online recently? It is sure the ESO Update 5.. Why is hot about ESO patch note v1.5 and what content will be update? Now, I would summarize the focus of version 1.5 on Class Skill and Weapon Skill for you.


Class Skill Update
Dragonknight Standard: Dirt patches left behind by this ability will now disappear when the ability is removed.
Choking Talons (Dark Talons morph): Fixed an issue where this ability wasn't getting more powerful when you gained a rank;
Molten Weapons: When a second Dragonknight casts this ability, a first caster of the ability no longer loses their caster ability bonus.

Veiled Strike: This ability will no longer stun and off-balance enemies who dodge the attack.
Concealed Weapon (Veiled Strike morph): The stealth speed bonus from this ability now persists if you weapon swap twice.
Swallow Soul (Strife morph): Fixed an issue where this ability’s healing effect was playing on enemies.

Mage's Fury: This ability's explosion can no longer be reflected.

Blazing Spear: Slightly improved your game performance when using this ability

Weapon Skill Update
Destruction Staff
Force Pulse (Force Shock morph): This ability's area damage can now critically hit.

Two Hand
Uppercut: Reduced the cast time for this ability by approximately 12%.

Dizzying Swing (Uppercut morph):
Reduced the debuff for this ability to 15% from 20%.
This ability now has an increased duration, and applies to stun-immune monsters.
The debuff no longer stacks with similar effects such as Low Slash.
Replaced the Arcane Fighter passive with Follow Up. This will increase your damage by 5%/10% for 7 seconds after activating a fully charged heavy attack.

Poison Arrow: Increased the damage over time for this ability by approximately 30%.
Poison Injection (Poison Arrow morph): This ability now starts dealing bonus damage on targets under 50% health instead of 35% health.
Reduced the cast time for this ability by approximately 40%
Reduced the damage done by this ability by 5%
Removed the minimum range from this ability.

One Hand and Shield
Absorb (Defensive Posture morph): This ability now absorbs 100% of damage caused, and also heals for 15% of your maximum health.
Battlefield Mobility: Increased this ability’s speed bonus from 25%/50% to 30%/60%.