ESO Update One Tamriel Impressions

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-11-01 03:51:24
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Bethesda recently released its massive update to Elder Scrolls Online, called One Tamriel with some changes. Now the different leveled quests and enemies are set for players. That's great, but solo players don't gain anything from the change. It is even boring for them.



With changes, players are no longer limited to one faction at a time - you can now play as any race and travel to any of the game's locations. Before, each of your characters could only go to the three lands in your alliance, which could make things repetitive. Bethesda said this was so people of different levels could quest together, with enemies changing difficulty for each person on the team.


As every enemy is designed to match your difficulty, they all feel practically the same. It's sure that they might have slightly different skills or fighting styles, but they take the same amount of time and effort to die. 


For the best part of leveling is to get to see where your character stacks up against the enemies you're fighting. If you're a Level 7 and you battle a giant bug, only to get your ass kicked, it's so rewarding to come back as a Level 15 and smite it with a single blow. It feels like progress.


These changes show Bethesda clearly values group players more than solo ones in Elder Scrolls Online. While that's frustrating, it does make sense, business-wise. Group players invite their friends, spouses. and co-workers to join them - theoretically increasing Elder Scrolls Online's numbers.


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