ESO Vet Dungeons Running Tips as a Healer

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-12-23 02:01:05
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Players feel it hard to run vet dungeons. Before you enter a dungeon, you should get knowledge of it. There is too much to talking about the vet groups dungeons. This page will give you some tips to run the vet dungeon as a healer.


ESO Vet Dungeons


Before you start, you need to know the tactics of vet dungeons to complete them. You can't just steamwoll the vet dingeons without knowing how to play them. It is suggested to use guides to get to know the dungeon and running with experienced people who can explain. Besides, know the cp of the people you run with. If they're all the same CP as you, you might have a problem because of that, especially in DLC dungeons which are notoriously harder.


When you're entering a dungeon as the healer, make sure everyone you get queued with is as familiar with the dungeon's mechanics as you are. A single person can cost you a boss fight win if they die at the wrong time in certain dungeons due to not knowing when the boss does its one-shot attack, etc.


There are things to do as a healer:

  • Your main job is keeping everyone alive. You can do backup dps, but do not forget that your team is depending on you as healer mainly.
  • Have healing skills slotted on both your bars.
  • Keep HoTs (Healing over Time) up, for if you get knocked back or crowd controlled, you might not make it to save your team mates. A good HoT skill is Rapid Regeneration.
  • Ressurect a team member, if you have the time for it - if not, continue keeping the remaining alive.
  • If you are templar, slot Blazing Spears and Repentance. Use blazing spear at the tank, when you fight during bosses, it will help them regain stamina and continue blocking. Use Repentance during mob fights, this way you provide your whole team with stamina.


Do not rush, take it slow down. Start with the easier Vet Dungeons first; then Banished Cells I and II, Wayrest Sewers I and II, Fungal Grotto I (II is easy once you know it, but there is at least one boss with harsher mechanics), Elden Hollow I, Spindleclutch II (I recall the final boss in I being hard without a good tank). The DLC dungeons are the hardest of all, the rest kind of fall in the middle somewhere.


Above these are just simple tips to do a little help to you. Remember to know the dungeons before you start to play. Have a good time with the game. Wanna more eso gold? Then come to visit our online store, where we sell eso gold with cheap price and rich experience.