ESO VS Destiny-Which would you pick

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-08-28 13:45:05
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Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny are very similar in a certain regard: their reception. Bungie were attached to the Halo franchise for years and their reputation in game development was remarkable. ZeniMax Online weren't known, but every gamer out there has heard of Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls Online was expected to be the Skyrim Online game that we'd all hoped for, and Destiny was to be the MMO-like Halo title which we'd be playing for the next ten years.



Sadly, neither of them lived up to the hype. Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny are nowhere near bad games, but they are both rife with mistakes that held them back from greatness. However, these two games probably have the greatest PvP combat on the Xbox One and PS4. But if you're a PvP lover, which game offers the most depth and worth for your money?

Elder Scrolls Online vs Destiny - The Best PvP Experience On Xbox One & PS4
Let's begin with Destiny. It feels like this game has been picked apart so often. We know of the massive mistakes that Activision made with this game's development. Story was curtailed, no one in the office could agree on what kind of game it should be, and large sections of the game were removed from the launch version in order to be selling points for DLC packs. That being said, Destiny has amazing combat.

Watch die-hard fans tear through the Raids in Destiny and you'll see where all of Bungie's genius was invested. The campaign is banal, the story is locked away outside of the game, and the strike missions are just waves and waves of enemies. But PvP - that's where I found a home. After flying through the campaign I felt I was done with Destiny. Thankfully, I tried some rounds in The Crucible.

PvP recently had massive updates for Destiny players and the way in which they improved on what we had before is fantastic. You can now earn so much more from being good at PvP, while the levelling out of player damage has also been fixed. Destiny's PvP battles are addictive and exhilarating. They demonstrate Bungie's strengths and remind us of why we loved Halo for all these years. It promises one of the best PvP experiences on the Xbox One and PS4 and while a lot of people bash it, these battles are worth the purchase of Destiny!

There aren't many games that can offer the scale that Elder Scrolls Online does. When it was first released, I remember servers crashing all of the time due to the mass of individuals on screen. But once everything works, ESO can really blow your mind. Storming a castle with your alliance by your side is some of the most intense combat the Xbox One and PS4 can offer. The array of arrows, the blast of spells and the clashing of swords looks astounding in this world. Outside of PvP, I never really found a home in the Summerset Isles. The quests in ESO are often boring and unrewarding. But PvP was a different story entirely.

Which Would You Pick - Destiny or ESO?
At times it can be hard to choose which of these games I enjoy more. Destiny can be such an intense ride with friends by your side. I always seem to return to it every two months, play it for days and then stop again - swearing I'll never return. ESO is similar but it feels like a a perpetuating problem. I'm always playing ESO really. And even though I've been playing it since April of last year, I'm still never bored when I hop in for an hour or two.

Therefore, I think that The Elder Scrolls Online has a more intense and beautiful PvP experience for XBOX One and PS4 owners - it's a more rewarding game. Destiny is still an exceptional game in this area, but I don't think there's any game out there that can offer a similar PvP experience to ESO.