ESO XBOX and PS Platform Fast Leveling Guide

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-12-16 18:35:16
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There are more and more players playing Elder Scrolls Online game due to ESO opened the XBOX and PS platform. Recently circulated on the Internet said your character level to 50 just only 30-40 hours, as a senior player ESO, I am here clearly tell you that it is unlikely that things are usually a number of gimmick, so how to fast leveling to Lv50 in the ESO XBOX and PS platform?

Why you feel leveling is so slow? First, do not want to do all eso tasks, some tasks are very time-consuming but get pitiful XP, and even many tasks are waste our a lot of times to run map, so you must have to get a mount soon.

Then, try to select the main character line about tasks, such as the tasks of Fighters Guild and Mages Guild, and give up some branch quests. You can choose to kill the monsters’ level lower than your 2-5 level, that can get more XP in these level range, but you need notice, the equipment have to keep your level, or you will be very painful.

Third, Public Dungeon is the fastest leveling place, but also is the most boring maps, basically you keep the farm monsters in here, when the level of monsters has too much different with you, you have to change a new place to farm monsters, it is so boring. Do not recommend you using this way to leveling, then you will lose a lot of fun.

These are some ways of fast ESO leveling, do not recommend the newbie use these way to leveling, because it will lose the fun of game. But if you want to fast leveling your the second characters, you can consider it. Below are the level distribution for each area, you can change the leveling place at the right time.

Aldmeri Dominion Zones and Levels:
Khenarthi’s Roost – levels 1-5
Auridon – levels 5-15
Grahtwood – levels 16-24
Greenshade – levels 25-30
Malabal Tor – levels 31-37
Reaper’s March – levels 37-43

Daggerfall Covenant Zones and Levels:
Stros M’kai & Betnikh – levels 1-5
Glenumbra – levels 5-15
Stormhaven – levels 16-24
Rivenspire – levels 25-30
Alik’r Desert – levels 31-37
Bangkorai – levels 37-43

Ebonheart Pact Zones and Levels:
Bleakrock Isle & Bal Foyen – levels 1-5
Stonefalls – levels 5-15
Deshaan – levels 16-24
Shadowfen – levels 25-30
Eastmarch – levels 31-37
The Rift – levels 37-43

Neutral Zones and Levels:
Cyrodiil – levels 10-50
Coldharbour – levels 43-50