ESO's 8 hour ‘maintenance’ will see PC/MAC players get Orsinium

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-11-03 18:11:59
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Elder Scrolls Online: Tamrial Unlimited is the critically acclaimed MMORPG title from Bethesda Studios in conjunction with Zenimax Online Studios. The game has gained major traction since its adaptation of an ‘Own-to-play’ payment system and release of the first Downloadable Content pack, Imperial City. Now, just two months after the release of the first game changing patch, the servers were yet again taken offline for maintenance and the upgrade of the base game patch to version 2.2.4 – i.e. Orsinium. The downtime for the server is officially stated as 8 hours, but users can expect the game to be ready to download by at least 10. Also, ZOS also stated that this DLC will be the largest that has ever come to ESO before – so have a modest amount of hard disk space available (approximately 8-10 GB).

Considering the game currently sits at a ginormous 70 GB, adding an addition 8-10 begs the question of what content is being added? The DLC will take players to the den of ancient Orcs, built in the darkest depths of Wrothgar Mountains. Players will be spending time in the Orc capital exploring its vast resources and quest line while facing new enemies. Orsinium will go down as the largest DLC pack for ESO which includes a vast new PvE (player versus enemy) area, new solo arena and new public dungeons to keep players engaged.

Orsinium will feature over twenty hours of gameplay and launches on PC/Mac on 2nd November while consoles will be able to access it from 17th November. Along with a list of changes and features that are being brought specifically with the DLC, Zenimax Online Studios is also bringing a string of features to the base game patch. Zenimax promises that this update comes along with the much anticipated support feature for controllers, subtitling for all dialogues in the game and the much needed optimization of party grouping features. The Orsinium game pack will cost about 30 USD when purchased separately and is included free with an ESO PLUS™ Membership.

The ESO has successfully managed to brave the rough waters only to break into a relatively smooth-sailing positon. With such a commanding and comprehensive grasp over their target audience, Zenimax Online Studios is an ideal place to deliver next-generation massively online gaming content. Be sure to check back on our website for a series of guides and reviews for this upcoming DLC pack!