Gain Emperor Bonuses in ESO PvP With Cheap ESO Gold

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2015-03-06 00:39:34
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Emperor Bonuses
Emperor is a PvP title in the Elder Scrols Online. Being an Emperor is a dream of each player, because there are many special skills to be added and some special items for the Emperor.

First, there is a special skill line to be granted the Emperor forever. The skill line can increase the effectiveness of siege and PvP, and also be useful to PvE. Second, the Emperor has more power and more abilities to heal damage so that the enemies must form a group to defeat him. The Emperor is godlike because of his might. Last, the Emperor is granted his unique costume which is definitely the best looking in the game.

It is worth to mention that gaining this status benefits both a single character and a group. On one hand, the skill line is still available for the dethroned Emperor, although its abilities become less powerful. On the other hand, each alliance can fight to the Emperor for the Alliance-wide bonuses, and the Emperor also can make his warriors stronger to defend.

The controversy about the emperor bonuses

Some players put forward that the emperor bonuses are overpowered in ESO PvP, and it will have a negative effect on this game. Some players think, there are so many Veteran players in the game so that it is meaningless to cut down the Emperor bonuses. But others don't think so. They believe that, the idea of the emperor is good, but overemphasizing the power of the emperor makes game breaking for many players, especially a Veteran Rank 10 Emperor.

As we all know, there are some bugs and issues in the first stage of the Elder Scrolls Online. However, there is no doubt that ESO is a fun game. Can ESO survive as a MMOG? The answer is yes, at least I hope so.

How does a game become a successful online game? First and foremost, it should own its unique feature. So ESO do. It combines the feature of other Elder Scrolls games and the characteristics of MMO games. Besides, as a successful MMO game, it should be playable. ESO has not only the normal questing, but also the Veteran Rank questing so that players can enjoy the normal challenges at the beginning and adventure the Veteran Ranks afterwards.

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