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Basic Informations You Should Know About Homestead In The Elder Scrolls Online

As we said in the previous news, the Elder Scrolls Online's player housing system, ESO Homestead has been launched on February 6. According to the official site, Homestead allows our players to own and personalize homes across Tamriel. To help you learn some basic informations, we'll give you some suggestions.



How To Obtain Your First Home


There are two ways to obtain your first home in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can either choose any furnished or unfurnished home you like in the Crown Store, or go through the Homestead tutorial quest, known as “A Friend in Need", to obtain a free inn room.


After acquiring your first home, it's yours to keep for no additional cost. There is no mortgage or upkeep fee associated with any of the available homes in ESO, and they are available to all characters on your account.


Additional Homes Are Available


Surprisingly, additional homes can be purchased by two methods: for crowns in the Crown Store and with in-game gold. At launch, there will be a total of 39 available player homes. Plus, there're 5 home types can be available: 'Inn Rooms', 'Apartments', 'Small, Medium, and Large Homes', Manors, Unique Crown Store Homes. Different cost correspond to different types of home.



Peviewing Before Bought


What make things convenient is previewing homes before you buy it. Navigating to the new "Houses" category in the Crown Store, seeking Collections menu and clicking on a home in the world you walk up to are ways can help you to choose the houses you want.



Customizing Your Own Homes


Once you purchase a home, the game will load you into your new residence. You're then free to decorate it with the Housing Editor feature and Home Decorations you get from Home Goods Furnishers, Achievement Furnishers and Luxury Furnisher etc. The active ESO Plus membership can doubles the number of objects you can place in your home. Furnishing Crafting system help you make the furniture you like.


Finally, invite your friends and guildmates over for a housewarming party after all of that. Share your new home with friends!


More details click here or stay tuned at since we'll update the ESO news and guides everyday.