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Big News! The ESO Hits the Crown Store with Improvised Features

It is reported that many interesting and cool stuffs would be made available and can be accessed from the Crown store in the Elder Scrolls Online. Really good news for gamers and the fans of ESO actually.




Amongst the newest online games available to users from across the globe, the Thieves Guild DLC is up and running for users available on all platforms and is all ready for fans to make customized and optional purchases this April. There are new costumes, mounts, pets which would be valuable add - ons to the game, and would be a subject of attraction for gamers to spend their crowns on.


There have been three sophisticated Elvin designs which have been newly added in the April releases of armors which may excite the fans of the Elder Scrolls Online. The Graht - Climber's Active Wear along with the Doeskin - and - Chamois Woods Wear is two of the key additions to the armory. As per reports, the Doeskin and Chamois Wear with the extra adornments could be the gamers' choice. In addition to these two, the third armor is the Elven Hero, an improvised version of the previous Nord Hero Armor which was available for a constraint time. This version would also be launched and active between April 7 to 11.


In addition to the costumes, there are many other props which are up for release this April. There are a few pets and mounts which would get added to the Crown stores. However, barring one guar, all the other pets being launched are cats. Gamers need to opt for the guar promptly as it would be available only for a limited period.


Apart from that, there is a new Moonlight Senche tiger which is set to be the first of its kind launches this month. With all these and many more, there is a plethora of items of interest for gamers.