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ESO Guide:How To Cure Diseases In Skyrim

As every true son and daughter of Skyrim knows, being Dragonborn can be a nasty business. Exploring dungeons and traversing the Wild is fraught with peril. Whether it be marauding Bandits, lonesome Giants, or a coven of Hagravens, danger exists all around.


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That said, not all foes can be faced down with a sword or magic spell, and after awhile even the most careful of adventurers will undoubtedly contract one of the many diseases in Skyrim.

Skyrim diseases can be contracted in a number of ways, most notably from infected foes and traps. In general, there are seven common diseases you should be aware of:
Bone Break Fever
Brain Rot

1)Visit a Shrine Activating one of the Shrines to the Divines will cure diseases in Skyrim, including Sanguinare Vampiris (as long as you visit a Shrine within 72 hours of contracting the disease). These Shrines can be found throughout the game — in both cities and the Wild.

2)Visit the Vigilants of Stendarr The Vigilants of Stendarr are a fanatical order sworn to destroy all Vampires, Werewolves, and Daedra. The order has a base of operations in the Hall of Vigilant and Stendarr’s Beacon (see maps below), though you may find members at random in-game.

3)Transform into a Werewolf or Vampire If you’re cursed or blessed (depending on your way of thinking) with either Lycanthopy or Vampirism, you can cure diseases in Skyrim by simply transforming into a Werewolf or Vampire. This transformation will cure every ill from Ataxia to Witbane, but obviously not Sanguinare Vampiris.