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ESO Legends: New Card Battle Game For Android

Bethesda's storied Elder Scrolls series is coming for Android. That's the mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Legends. This is actually a mobile card battle game similar to "Hearthstone". At the moment it's in pre-release (beta), but it's listed as compatible with both phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and higher.


Legends opens up with a desktop-style login screen (no Google Play Games support) and a tiny-type interface - clearly there's a lot of work to be done if this game is going to be mobile-friendly. Players are encouraged to go through the story mode, set in the deep lore of the franchise, to unlock several decks before advancing to multiplayer. 


The Elder Scrolls: Legends doesn't have a firm release date for Android, only a "coming soon" status from E3 this year. The beta is available (and much more playable) on the PC, and logins should sync across devices. "The Elder Scrolls: Legends" game app is still in the beta stages, players are warned of issues such as advancing to multiplayer. In short, progress is unstable and may eventually turn out to be a waste of time.


"The Elder Scrolls: Legends" may still be currently up over at the Google Play Store though could be eventually taken down at any moment. Bethesda explained that the app they saw was a beta version of the game designed for tablet use, meaning it is still filled with bugs as it continues to be under development.


Regardless, Bethesda has come forth to explain that the appearance of "The Elder Scrolls: Legends" on Google Play is unintentional and that they would announce an official release date as soon as it is available.


As players, you must look forward to its release. We will update its news as it is available. And our online store will offer you cheap eso gold. Wish you have a good experience over here.


Below is a trailer about Legends gameplay uploaded officially, you can take a view at.