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ESO: Over 10 Million Player Content To 2019 Thanks To Morrowind

At Gamescom 2017, we were able to talk to Matt Firor, the head of Zenimax, the developer of The Elder Scrolls Online. In the interview, Matt told us that ESO has been even more successful since Morrowind and that the company has already piped content up to 2019.


Matt Firor is the head of Zenimax and the main responsible for the online game The Elder Scrolls Online. At the Gamescom 2017, we met Matt for the interview and talked to him about the state of The Elder Scrolls Online and the future of the MMO.



Morrowind Was A Huge Success For The Elder Scrolls Online


The first major new chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online was Morrowind and for Zenimax, the giant DLC was a complete success. Since Morrowind's release, more players have been gambling on the servers than ever before. Overall, the player base of ESO has grown to over 10 million players.


This is not necessarily an active player, the number also contains inactive users, but no beta players and test accounts. Curiously, these players still share one-third on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.


For console players according to Firor Skyrim is still the archetype of Elder Scrolls Online.



Matt Firor Would Not Change Anything Big To ESO


Asked if Matt Firor would make a big difference to the fundamentals of ESO if he had a magical wand, he replied, "Our big change was One Tamriel, otherwise everything is fine." He later admitted, that he would like a better performance in the game.


And there would always be bugs to fix. The fighting system, which many players would regard as bulky, would not change Firor, even if he could do it with a wink with the wand.


The Second ESO Chapter Has Already Begun Working On


Matt Firor also said that the work on the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online had already begun. Matt, however, remained iron and did not reveal any details about the content. Probably no new classes will come.


The developers at Zenimax still want to bring more classes, skills and game modes in the future. Especially the popular new Battlegrounds are to be expanded further. And with fun game modes like the recently released chaos ball from the DLC Horns of the Reach, a PvP mode reminiscent of the legendary Huttenball from SWTOR. In future, therefore, further game modes could follow this model.



Content Plans For At Least 4 Years


Anyone at Zenimax is well positioned. The concrete content plans are already safe until 2019. You could even have ideas for the next 4 years. ESO should not be out of breath so soon.


Next, the DLC Clockwork City is on the agenda. In it, you explore the named clockwork city. There will be massive quests, story, items and new emotes.