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Elder Scrolls Online - How To Collect Skyshards

If you already play in the MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online, you probably found so-called Heavenly Shards (Skyshards). Every three points of the collected shards give you one Skill Points. Around the world of the game are scattered dozens of these fragments. Do not say that it's better not to miss them and collect all of them. This guide describes how to collect SkyShades so as not to miss more than one.



There are several ways to collect Celestial Shards, but only one can be truly effective.


Addon to Skyshards for TESO


In Elder Scrolls Online there is the ability to install custom add-ons that make the game easier or improve the interface. There is also a special addon that will help in the collection of all SkyShadows. It's called SkyShards. After it is installed on the in-game map, the marks of all the fragments will appear.



How to install the addon:


- Download the SkyShards addon;

- The downloaded archive should be unpacked in the folder c: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Elder Scrolls Online \ live \ AddOns;

- Start the game and check the addons menu to check whether SkyShards has turned on.


After these simple manipulations to collect Celestial splinters will not be difficult. It will look like this: