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ElderScrolls Patch Notes v1.4.4 Detailed Analysis

Elder Scrolls Online patch notes v1.4.4 brings many fixes and improvements to existing content mainly to gameplay, itemization, UI, and the Alliance War.


eso new patch

Alliance War
1).Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash while in combat in Cyrodiil.
2).Fixed an issue that prevented Cyrodiil from properly saving the status of keeps in some instances in the event of a crash.
3).Fixed an issue where keep postern doors were not usable.

Combat & Gameplay
C2).oncealed Weapon (Veiled Strike morph): Your stealthed movement speed bonus is no longer removed if another player character casts Shadow Cloak while stealthed.
3).Shadow Cloak: Fixed an issue where this ability was removed when an enemy’s projectile missed you.

1).Medium Armor
2).Windwalker: This ability now reduces stamina costs by 14/21% at Rank I and Rank II.

1).Restoration Staff
2).Fixed an issue where you could get kicked into third-person view while sprinting in first-person view with a Restoration Staff unsheathed.
3).The Restoration staff passive Cycle of Life now increases magicka restore instead of increasing damage.

1).Mages Guild
2).Magelight: This ability will now reveal enemies to the caster instead of removing stealth or invisibility from the enemy.

Dungeons & Quests
1).Fungal Grotto
2).Fixed an issue where the game could crash when jumping to another group member to enter and exit Fungal Grotto.

1).Keeper of Bones: You will no longer get stuck trying to enter the door in the Bone Orchard.
2).You can no longer kill Dreughsiders in this area.

UI & Add-Ons
1).Re-enabled the following controls within conversations:
2).E to select the first option
3).X to say goodbye
4).Fixed an issue where group member pins would stop updating.

1).Fixed an issue where the maximum add-on name length was mistakenly reduced, cutting off the names of some add-ons in-game.
2).Fixed an issue where the maximum add-on path length was mistakenly reduced, causing some add-ons to fail to load.