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How do you benefit from ESO Mundus Stones

There are a lot of interesting and useful objects in the world of Elder Scrolls Online. Mundus Stones are one of them. What is a Mundis Stone and how do you benefit from it?

Why should you care?
When you activate one of them your character receives a bonus. For example you can increase critical chance or increase size of magicka pool. The type of the bonus depends on the stone you activate. The list of the bonuses can be found later in the article.Your character can benefit from one bonus from one stone at a time. If you activate other stone, current bonus will be replaced with the new one. Thus it is impossible to benefit from all stones simultaneously. But you can change your current bonus every time you wish – just find other stone and interact with it!


eso mundus

Mundus Stones Locations


eso mundus location

Different Mundus Stones can be found in different locations, but it’s easy to find all of them in Cyrodiil. You character can visit Cyrodiil at the level 10 and take advantage of any bonus. Don’t worry if you see that the stone you need is located on the territory of the enemy faction. You can access the stone alone or with a small group of friends.