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How does CoD work in ElderScrolls Online

CoD is a special system that allows players to trade without risk of losing items or losing money. This system is a part of the game and protects both buyer and seller.

If the item is sold a seller may send an item to a buyer using CoD system. All you need is to attach an item to an in-game e-mail and specify special CoD Price. After the e-mail is delivered a Buyer will see it among other incoming e-mails. A Buyer can open the e-mail to see an attachment but can’t take the attachment without paying a CoD fee. When a buyer takes an attachment the game will notify him that he will be charged. If he agrees to pay he receives an attachment and seller receives the money. As you see it’s a very simple and useful system.



There is one thing you should also know: when you buy an item using CoD you will most likely pay postage fee. This fee may sometimes be big, especially if you buy expensive items. All sellers usually include postage fee in the CoD price. So if the item cost is 1000 gold and postage fee is 60 a buyer will pay 1060 CoD price.

Note:Check the item before paying. Make sure you are purchasing what you need. CoD system allows you to open the e-mail and examine the attachment before you pay. Double check the attachment before taking it.