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How to buy ESO gold by money order

The ElderScrolls Online as the most expected ,interactive MMORPG in 2014.The ESO world operates on ESO money,which is called ESO gold.From the ESO series we can see sometimes players choose to sell the gold they have acquired for their accounts.Service providers often act as the middlemen,charging a fee to the seller,collecting the payment and adding the gold to purchaser's account .Some providers accept money order for payment.It is the same way to The ElderScrolls Online.


Choose the service provider you want to purchase your ESO gold through. Most providers only accept PayPal payments, but some accept money orders. See the "Resource" section for several providers who accept money orders.

Contact the company to initiate your order and receive their mailing address. Most providers do not accept online orders when the payment is being made by money order.and find out their prices for ESO gold. Many providers sell in bulk at a discount; prices may vary between providers. Determine how much gold you want to order and calculate the total price.

Purchase a money order. You can purchase a money order at many convenience stores. You also can purchase a money order at your nearby post office or at any bank. Make the money order out to the service provider. Detach the stub as a record of your payment.

Mail the money order to the service provider. Along with the money order, you'll need to provide your game account number and your PIN code. Contact the provider a few days after sending the money order to make sure it was received. The company will deposit the ESO gold into your user account after the money order clears (usually takes 10 to 14 days).

Tips & Warnings
Be cautious when dealing with Internet companies. Check the Better Business Bureau or forums to determine if anyone has complained or had problems completing their order.