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How to sell ElderScrolls Online gold

The ElderScrolls Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game. that takes place in the fantasy world. The economy of it is based on gold coins, which players can earn by questing or creating items to sell to other players. If you accumulate a large amount of gold, you can sell some for real currency at a number of websites that sell ESO gold to other players.


sell eso gold

Choose what company you would like to do business with. Many sites that sell ESO gold, but only a few buy it from players. Some sites that purchase gold are ESO-GOLD.COM .ELDERSCROLLS4GOLD.COM and IESOGOLD.COM.

Navigate to the website of the gold merchant you want to use. If the site is currently buying gold, there will be a link somewhere on the page that says, "Sell to Us" or something similar. Click that link.

Read over the terms of the sale. Every merchant will have a preference regarding how payment and delivery are handled.Negotiate the transaction.ESO-GOLD.COM prefers negotiating through live chat on the website.There are 24/7 online livechat to service for you.Deliver your gold in the method and time frame specified by the merchant. You will be paid after delivery in the manner you negotiated.