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Mini-Raid In Clockwork City: The Next DLC In The Elder Scrolls Online

For The Elder Scrolls Online, the next DLC extension Clockwork City will be available in a few months. The DLC is about exploring a complete mechanical city. In addition, the Orsinium story is routed in a mini-raid.



The Elder Scrolls Online gets a DLC addon again in the fourth quarter of 2017. After Horns of the Reach was finally satisfied with the fans of dungeons, the fourth quarter of 2017 saw something for the friends of exploration, story and raids. The DLC pack Clockwork City is to offer all this.



The Elder Scrolls Online: Asylum Sanctorium - Just the boss or the mini-final boss?


In addition to the cool new map in the clockwork city of Sotha Sil, there is the highlight of the new Trial "Asylum Sanctorum". There are two World Bosses and a big boss. In addition, the story from the highly praised Orsinium DLC is finally spun.


Especially cool: you can rock the mini-raid quite regularly or the first two bosses bypass and the same as the Daedric Princes on the Oblivion. But then everything is harder, because the minibosses with their death the big boss weaken. However, the loot is more productive in this case. As a reward, there are new unique set items and Motif Chapters.



The Elder Scrolls Online - Clockwork City brings redistribution of weapon features


Also cool and popular with many players: In Clockwork-City you can finally Transmute your weapon traits. This comfort feature is especially beneficial to the many crafters in The Elder Scrolls Online, who can re-align their weapons.


The DLC also offers another game mode for the popular PvP battlegrounds. The new "Crazy King" mode provides scenarios in which you have to take your capture points. The agility of the points makes the battle never static.