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Players At The Elder Scrolls Online Will Receive Free Crates

ZeniMax announced the launch of a new event on The Elder Scrolls Online. From Friday 22 until Sunday 24 September you will be able to earn Crown Crate for free.



In the online role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online begins the event Reaper's Harvest. A special trader Crown Crate has new boxes, which are collected the most creepy new crates on the theme of the Witch Festival. Those who manage to save money for new crates will be able to ride a skeleton, decorate themselves with new tattoos, apparels and makeup, and also bring to their house rare pieces of furniture, including a statue and the Sheogorath's jammies.



Usually "Crown Crates" are purchased through the game store. But this weekend all players will be able to get free crates! To do this, just once a day, go into the game with any character and kill any monster.



It is enough to log and defeat any monster or minion. You can get a Crate per day, up to a maximum of three Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate, which allow you to receive various items including mounts, pet, costumes, consumables and even particularly rare ridges like Plague Husk Horse, Cinder Wolf Mounts or the Frost Draugr Senche Mount.


The season of free crates starts on September 22 and will last until September 24. Note that the game "day" comes at 15:00 Moscow time. And all the crates earned during the event will be on the Crown Crates menu on September 27th. Then the new season of Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate will begin.