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Reasons for why flying mounts are not a good thing in ESO

As awesome as the idea sounds, flying mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online probably isn’t a good thing. Yes, I realize that other MMORPGs have flying mounts (World of Warcraft for instance), but I just don’t think the idea will fly in ESO (pardon the expression).




Here are a few reasons why flying mounts are not a good thing:
1.Not lore friendly. Flying mounts do not exist in this era of The Elder Scrolls mythos, and having such would break immersion.

2.Goes against the game’s structure. The Elder Scrolls Online is designed around different provencial Zones. As much as we’d like to simply fly over those pesky mountain ranges for instance, those rocky peaks are there for a purpose. Flying mounts would allow us to go outside the map, and the game wasn’t designed to be played that way.

3.Takes away the sense of exploration. One of the cool things about ESO is the ability to go off the beaten path and explore new areas. There are ruins to explore, dungeons to conquor, and NPCs to meet. Flying mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online would cause us to miss out on some of the best things the game has to offer.

4.Would break PvP. Cyrodiil wasn’t designed for flying mounts (the mechanics of siege warfare, etc.). Besides, who wants to get one-shot at 20,000 feet?

5.Would take away valuable developer resources. The inclusion of flying mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online would be a massive undertaking, stealing time and money from more valuable projects. Many facets of the game would need to be changed. As cool as a flying mount sounds, the game would benefit more from DLC releases, player housing, etc.

Then what do you think? Do you feel that flying mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online would be a good thing? Welcome to share your ideas with us !