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The 10 Million Stories Event Was Launched In ESO

When the "10MillionStories" event was launched, the official website announced that a celebration would take place. It's starting now, with a richly endowed contest!



To do this, nothing more simple, just go to the dedicated page (at this address), fill out the entry form (you can also participate by post), and connect to the game between 1 November 2017 and 6 December 2017.


"300 prizes are up for grabs, and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to be created as a character in the game, receive every in-game collectible ever available for sale in the Crown Store, and enjoy a free trip to PAX East 2018 on us. We invite you to be a part of the story – and to tell us your own."



The official Twitter page stated, "Be immortalized as a character in ESO, win a trip to PAX East & more in our #10MillionStories sweeps."


Another event, based on the dungeons, will be announced soon.