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The Chamion System and Justice System in ESO Patch V1.6

With the release of the ESO Patch 1.6,the patch brings several updated features and system online as well as lays the groudwork for the March 17th update that will bring Tamriel Unlimited,the buy to play version the ElderScrolls Online.The ElderScrolls Online is slated for a March 17th deployment .Besides, the patch weighs in at a hefty 2.-25GB download ,which depends on language you choose..The main updated features and systems online are the champion system and the justice system.Do you get ready to join it ?Now buy eso gold at to be more powerful in the two system.



In this update of eso , the third phase of the champion system is added in the game.In the champion system ,players can use champion points and an entirely new UI to unlock passive abilities .And then there are many changes for skills to improve the champion system too.

Justice system will be added in this update just like the champion system.with the coming of first phase of the justice system in the elderscrolls online update,there is a new style PVE elements.Due to this ,you are able to commit criminal action throughout Tamriel such as theft,burglary,pickpocketing and murdering NPCs,which does not include PVP part.It is to lay a foundation to add extra PVP elements.