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The ESO Xbox Free Play Days Event Starts Now

To celebrate the ESO 10 Million Stories event, The Elder Scrolls Online announces an upcoming Xbox Free Play Days event for Xbox Live Gold members.



The Free Play event kicks off on November 2 and concludes on November 5. Even better, all new ESO accounts are gifted 500 free crowns for use in the in-game Crown Store, allowing you to pick up some useful items such as potions, XP Scrolls, food, or an adorable pet!


Your previous progression in ESO will remain if you play ESO for free during the event. If you buy a new ESO account, 500 free crowns are available in Crown Store, with these crowns you can get potions, XP Scrolls, food, and pet.


"In addition to enjoying ESO for free, you can also sign up for our 10 Million Stories Sweepstakes promotion for a chance to win amazing real-world and in-game prizes – don't miss out!"



The Xbox ESO Free Play Days event starts now! Navigate to the ESO: Tamriel Unlimited product page on your Xbox One to download. It should be noted that the ESO game client is approximately 80GB in size.


In addition, the Free Play event will come to PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac soon.