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The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Clockwork City DLC

ZeniMax Online Studios announces the upcoming Clockwork City DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online. The DLC contains new group activities and narrative content. Also, all players get access to a new PvP mode.



The Clockwork City brings players to the same-name city, which was previously restricted in the Morrowind expansion. The new DLC introduces two new world bosses, two delves and a new trial. The studio emphasizes that the Morrowind extension is not required for this content.


Also, the expansion brings a new storyline into which the Daedric is central. According to ZeniMax, the story is 'about as long as the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild DLC'. The game will get a free new PvP mode called Crazy King. That's a variant on King of the Hill where the point that players must defend is always moving.


Zenimax published an article on the website of The Elder Scrolls Online summarizing its presence at the show, accompanied by photos, as well as links to a bookstore by Rich Lambert about Clockwork City and the DLC presentation article.



The PAX West 2017 took place September 1 to 4 in Seattle. The version of the game that was playable by the visitors was the live version. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little more for new images of the City of Clockwork.