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The Elder Scrolls Online: See More Details About The Witches Festival

Bethesda announced today on the official Elder Scrolls Online website that the game will also have its own Halloween event this month, affectionately called the "Witches Festival".



In the Halloween event of "The Elder Scrolls Online", everyone will win. A "Crow Caller" will be available free of charge at the Crown Store, which will give the quest "The Witchmother's Bargain". When using the item Witchmother's Whistle, the player and the party will receive a 100% XP buff for two hours. The item will also summon a Witchmother's Cauldron that will allow it to turn into a undead for a limited time.


Just like last year, players will be able to take advantage of the event to collect exclusive items, buy a new house for unlimited time, complete achievements and most importantly: gain extra experience!



In addition, it will be possible to earn rewards from the Plunder Skulls who fall from the bosses. Among the rewards are Spectre theme Masks, recipes, furniture and Hollowjack Motif Pages or Books.


It is worth mentioning that anyone who has completed the quest to attend the witch festival last year will not have to do it again, just use the whistle present in their permanent collectible items.



One good improvement over last year is that you do not need to turn your character into a skeleton to activate the extra experience buff. Now this step is totally optional, which certainly came as excellent news for anyone who could not stand hundreds more of skeletons wandering around Tamriel.


Anyway, this year's Witches Festival starts on October 20th and lasts until November 1st. Already enough time to grab all the items and raise the level of your characters!