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The ElderScrolls Online Now Free to ESO Fans

Here is some good news for the people who love to play multiplayer games online. Elder Scrolls Online has just lifted its subscription-only plans and has made the game free to play for anyone who has the official game from Bethesda Softworks.



Apparently the company believes that with the subscription basis where players would have to pay a monthly fee of $15, growth of the game could be placed in jeopardy. And apparently that covered the subscription-fee scenario which could prove to be difficult for Bethesday to maintain the game online.

However the game is not 100% free. New players who would be interested in the game will have to make a one-time purchase of the game when it makes its official launch on June 9. After that, they can play the game online and not worry about spending for monthly fees from there on.

As for the existing players, their current accounts will be automatically upgraded to the ESO Plus accounts. For players who wish to get in-game bonuses, access to DLC packs and Crowns which they can spend at the Crown store, such can be done with the ESO Plus which is pegged at $14.99.

It should be noted however that for game console users, a reliable connection to the Internet and an Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus membership will be required.

For PC and MAC users, all accounts (closed or inactive) will be automatically updated starting March 17 to the Tamriel Unlimited. An invite will be sent to the players to explain the changes. For the new users, a set price of $59.99 will need to be settled to get a copy of the game.