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The ElderScrolls Online Patch Notes v2.0.5 New Changes

In General, the Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited v2.0.5 mainly fixes issues of gameplay, quests and VR Fungal Grotto boss war. Now buy ESO gold to do quests with new changes in the game.



Fixes and Improvements
Firepot trebuchet can increase the time of delaying attacks among DOT in the battles.

Combat and Gameplay
Enemies repelled can receive the right fall damage. A part of effects unseen are fixed. Costumes are not available in Werewolf form. Dropping to underground will not appear in the game while you ride your eso mount. It is impossible for you to dismount.

ESO class skills
Radiant Destruction will disappear after enemies move out of sight, which belongs to Dawn’s Wrath.

Weapon skills
Elemental Drain can fix a part of this skill at different level and can restore magicka.

Battle skills
Cleanse fixes ESO Items and it cannot support passive Magicka Aid

Dungeons and Group Content
The issues of Spawn of Mephala war in Veteran Fungal Grotto are fixed in veteran dungeons. The beam from two Watchers does not appear at the same time and the beam from Daedric Burn only appears correctly. Besides, visual telegraphs for Daedric Burn and Daedric Destruction and the Spawn of Mephala's Daedric Explosion appear correctly.

Thunderous Plate Mail fixes issues of ESO Item set with melee attacks. Besides, Trials of the Burnished Scales fixes the issue that Argonian warriors are not be dueled.