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The ElderScrolls online Requiem Detailed Guide

ESO equiem is a MEMBER-RUN, casual/hardcore PvE and PvP, mature, social and LGBTQ friendly guild operating in The Elder Scrolls Online. Requiem was first established during 3.15.2014 beta weekend. We are one of Daggerfall's oldest guilds which has allowed us to grow and mature as a team.

Server Region: North America
Platform: PC/Mac
PVP Home Campaign: Haderus (7 day - Resources)
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Guild Trader: Yes
TeamSpeak3: Yes

Maturity Guaranteed
However over-the-top it may sound, all members, current and future, are required to read and accept a structured and specific Code of Conduct. Being a community that fosters respect and integrity, it must be understood that people come from all walks of life and we have worked very hard to create not only an inviting environment, but a structured and organized community where no matter your background or beliefs or sexual orientation, you will absolutely NOT have to tolerate rudeness or scrutiny derived from how you choose to personally live your life.

In Game Focus
Requiem focuses on Community over content. We run all content in the game but Community is always first. It is why we've lasted so long and why we continue to thrive. We are always looking for passionate and invested players to help our guild flourish by keeping the events rolling with dolmen closing, public dungeon clears, achievement and skyshard hunting, and Normal / Vet Mode Dungeons. All content has been cleared by the guild including all Hardmodes and Veteran Modes.

Requiem is no stranger to PVP as well having crowned 8 Emperors/Empresses. Our ESO-GOLD.COM dedicated PVP Team keeps regular PVP events rolling (both Hardcore small scale and Casual training/large scale). We also provide Bootcamp training events for those unsure of ESO PVP.

We have dedicated crafters complete with a crafting request form structure and two crafting guilds with banks filled to the brim with materials to help meet our member's needs!

As detailed above, Requiem is a maturity GUARANTEED community with a vigorous focus on a drama free, respectful and pleasant environment. This friendly atmosphere has fostered fierce community loyalty and real life friendships have blossomed due to the level of trust and respect we have for each other.