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The Main Highlights For ElderScrolls Online Update 5

According to the Elder Scrolls Online Official website by game director Matt Firor, the ESO Update 5 is currently on public test servers and is ready to be tested right now.Firor shared some details regarding update 5 and stated that players should expect a new veterun dungeon along with a new facial recognition system which will improve how NPC’s look during a conversation.


eso update 5

The update will also fix some known issues of player separation during a quest in a group. The main highlights for update 5 are as follows:
1.A new Veteran Dungeon: City of Ash continues the dungeon’s story and introduces dangerous new challenges for your group.

The new facial animation system makes NPCs far more lifelike during conversations. Repeatable Pledges: The Undaunted now reward players once a day for specific dungeon runs with special loot and trophies.

2.Repeatable Writs: You’ll be able to obtain certification in your crafting skills and then complete Writs for inspiration, materials, and special Survey Reports that will lead you to high-yield harvesting nodes.

3.Dungeon level scaling: Dungeons’ enemies and rewards will scale to the level of the group leader, giving you more chances to group up, experience a challenge, and get appropriate rewards.

4.More player separation fixes: More quests will be streamlined so you aren’t separated from your group members as often while adventuring.