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The Upcoming Updates Will Add To The Elder Scrolls Online This Week

The official website has just published a presentation of the mechanical city and surrounding area, as well as Sotha Sil, through Rich Lambert, creative director and Leamon Tuttle, the main author of the area. In particular, we learn about the personality of Sotha Sil, some of the remarkable points of the city, and the society that has developed there. Unlike a previous article highlighting points of interest in the area such as dungeons, bosses, and other adventure sites, it is more centered on the Lore of the area, and what it will tell players.



An unique Trial will come to The Elder Scrolls Online along with new Asylum Weapons. "The Clockwork City DLC game pack comes with a new Trial for 12-player groups, the Asylum Sanctorium, which is a shorter Trial experience that pits your team against three mechanical bosses. This Trial is unique in that your group will choose how and when to face each boss, helping to determine how challenging the experience will be. Upon completion, you'll be rewarded with new and powerful Asylum Weapons."


According to the official site, Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan will take you through this new Trial while Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel will discuss the new Asylum Weapons in the new Twitch episode.