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The Wild Hunt Season Will Come To The Elder Scrolls Online

Since The Elder Scrolls Online decided to cycle the Crown Crate event, a new Wild Hunt season finally come to ESO this spring.


According to the official release, the launching of this season means the Storm Atronach crates have been replaced by a spirited new set.



Players can acquire the Apex rewards consists of themed items we list below:


Wild Hunt Bear & Wild Hunt Camel


Wild Hunt Guar & Wild Hunt Horse


Wild Hunt Senche & Wild Hunt Wolf


Wild Hunt Aura & Wild Hunt Transform


Apart from these, new contents were added to the Superior, Epic, and Legendary categories. You also have chance to obtain a variety of collectibles, like other retired cosmetic items, pets, mounts. In addition to these items, new furnishing items such as the impressive Statue or Tapestry of Hircine can be available in your home.


Tapestry of Hircine & Statue of Hircine


It's time to join the Wild Hunt! Want to know more details of the season of the Wild Hunt? Click here.