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The beginners Cookie Cutter builds for Tank

Generic Tank build is pretty much the same for all classes, it is fairly easy to pull off too.
5 piece Hist Bark all heavy, reinforced
4 piece Whitestrake including two sets of sword and board, or if you like One sword and board and one dual wield/bow/two-handed
Jewelry: get what you can, enchant with block cost reduction

The Lover for spell resistance

Divide evenly between health and stamina, can put a bit more into stamina if you want

Level Appropriate Tri-Stat Food will do

Skill Bar
Front Bar: Sword and Shield
1.Taunt: Pierce Armor. Nothing to say here, pretty much your bread and butter, reapply this once every 15 seconds, don't worry about over-taunting, it has been removed, so taunt away! (Within stamina management of course0

2.Debuff: Heroic Slash. Keep this up on boss, applies the minor maim which reduces the damage by 15%, very useful

3.Generic Armor Buff: Immovable Brute/Channeled Focus /Hardened Armor/Thundering Presence,. Keep this up at all times, this is your buff that need to be used as a tank. Everyone can use Immovable Brute as that is a heavy armor skill.

4.Generic Crowd Control: Volcanic Rune/Choking Talons/Restraining Prison/Mass Hysteria/Defensive Posture. Use this in trash pulls and AoE mobs, it is very easy to run out of resources if you use too often, so be careful, you can't taunt everyone in AoE, so use this to help your team survive. Taunt hard hitters though when you can. You can also put Defensive Posture here and put the CC in your off-bar, this is more recommended since you will block more

5.Generic Self Heal/Support/Sustain: Coagulated Blood, Breath of Life, Leeching Strikes, Dark Deal, Igneous Shields, Sun Shield: Basically your resource management and self-heal tab,very important to use when you are low on resources and your healer isn't responding

6.Generic CC/Survivabilty Ultimate: Magma Armor/Annihilation Field/Solar Prison/Bolstering Darkness. Your 'oh shit' button, use it on boss fights or huge AoE pulls.

Off Bar
You can put a DPS set up here, see Generic DPS build, although you might want to replace one of those skills with your CC. If you use Shuffle from medium armor or Mirage as a NB, use 5 piece Whitestrake and 4 piece Histbark

How to play Generic Tank Build?
Keep your Generic Armor Buff up at all times and block big hits from bosses, you don't need to block everything, but be careful.
In AoE mobbing: put down CC skills, taunt priority targets (mages, big targets, and high damage targets), don't interrupt too much if yo u don't have stamina and use AoE DPS only when you can.
In Boss: Taunt boss, debuff it with heroic slash and block big hits, stay out of red.