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The tricks for a low level guy to contribute in PVP

I am sure there are many eso players are attracted by the PVP in ESO .Today we will share some tips for low level guys to contribute in PVP .Here we go !


elderscrolls online

1)Learn positioning. Think about how enemies could attack you based on where they are, where you are and what's around you. I really can't emphasize this enough, it's the most important thing in PvP - even once you hit veteran ranks. Always think about where you are standing. Seriously,always.This is the one advantage of PvPing as a lowbie: it teaches you positioning like nothing else can.

2)Light armor, when in PvP. Due to battle scaling that heavy armor isn't giving you much more protection than light armor. Use light armor until you hit veteran ranks and invest skills into the spell resist passive.

3)Support. My level 39 templar isn't a healer either, but I still pick up a resto staff and use it when I can't help in any other way. The nice thing about resto staff is that heavy attacks restore Magicka: so if I really can't get near a fight I can just stand back heavy attack and healbot. My alt weapon is destro staff but you can still use your 2H.

4)CC. Your damage may be low but your stuns/roots/snares are entirely as effective as a VR12s. E.g. If I see a friendly dragon banner go down I drop a Nova (Dawn's Wrath) ulti into the middle of it: this snares the enemies and makes it harder for them to escape the banner (4 of us wiped a group of 20+ in seconds what that exact combo).

5)Siege. Make sure you place it carefully, you'll become a popular target when you start shooting.

6)Bait. People can't resist a squishy lowbie, use this to your advantage and drag enemies into large groups of your own.

7)Tents. You are squishy which means a lot of the time you will be in a good position to run from a losing fight - this means you are the perfect person to retreat and set up a respawn tent.

One little trick we use a lot of the time with our lowbie is to peek round corners before committing to going round them. The third-person camera allows you to see round corners without revealing yourself: so you can gauge whether or not you will be killed if you run around it.It sounds like being a coward, but really it's about being an effective and annoying coward. You can still be a thorn in their side if you play smart and stay alive.