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Tips to Improve Your Speed to Leveling in ElderScrolls Online

eso tips


Although ESO reduces your leveling experience in Update 1.5, and can not farm boss to upgrade your level any more, but now we have found a new leveling way to upgrade your level fast.

This way is to farm mobs to upgrade your level, we know there are always some places refresh mobs fast and very focused in each map. OK, today we would recommend a good place to you in Craglorn 1 million XP per level for 1 hour from VR1 to VR14, below.


eso leveling

There are 3 ways to improve your speed to leveling.
1. Learn the skill of fighter guild: Expert Hunter, Banish the Wicked, Slayer, these skills can improve your damage to deal Undead.
2. AOE skill, if you run the Mage build, recommend use the Elemental Ring (Destruction Staff), and using Seel Tornado (Dual Wield) if you are Stamina build, these 2 skills has a great AOE ability.
3. Looking for group or find your 2 friends together farming. If you have married in the game, the marriage rings will gives 10% XP bonus.