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What Happens In The Elder Scrolls Online This November

How are you using this week's new ESO Crown Store items to create an eye-catching Fall look? Get all-new pet in the ESO Crown Store for a limited time until Nov. 23, like Senche-Leopard.



The ESO "10MillionStories" Sweepstakes event is still waiting for you, "nothing is more heartwarming than reading all the ESO 10MillionStories you've been sharing." This November is two-year anniversary of Orsinium DLC game pack, "the Orisnium Event it is the perfect opportunity to collect the Trinimac Style!"


The downloadable content pack Clockwork City introduces a new zone (Clockwork City); an exciting new story quest line with more than 10 hours of adventure; a new Trial, Asylum Sanctorium, and much more. 


In addition, the enhanced version of The Elder Scrolls Online includes new graphics options. In addition to a native 4K resolution for video and gameplay, the update improves the bit depth for HDR, SSAO shadow, water reflection and visibility.


• 4K / Ultra HD: One game has a 2160p frame buffer output (including native 4K, checkerboarding and dynamic resolution)

• HDR: The game supports the HDR10 standard

• Xbox One X Enhanced: The developer of a game supports the six Teraflops graphics performance of the Xbox One X. Special Enhanced features may differ from game to game and are dependent on the respective developer.