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What is a Campaign in ElderScrolls Online

A campaign is like a separate instance, or separate server / shard, of Cyrodiil. Each campaign looks exactly the same and consists of the same land and keeps. Campaigns are a way of splitting the population of Tamriel up into different servers to reduce lag and increase performance. Campaigns also allow for different rules – like the non-Vet campaign which only allows players who have not yet reached Veteran Rank 1 to join.


Join a Campaign
To access any of the campaigns press ‘L’ or open the Alliance War screen from the top menu.You can press on the “Campaigns” tab at the top to take a look at all of the current campaigns and show the population of each campaign.

Home Campaign and Guest Campaign
You can set both a home and guest campaign for each of your characters. A home campaign is where you should spend most of your time. A home campaign lets you travel to Cyrodiil via a wayshrine and you will be able to participate in the leaderboards and attempt to become Emperor.

A guest campaign lets you travel into another campaign but you won’t be able to be ranked in the leaderboards or become Emperor. Joining a guest campaign can be useful when your home campaign is full or you want to join some friends and they are in another campaign.

Once you have set a home and a guest campaign you can click on a campaign that you have chosen and select Travel To Cyrodill to join in. Sometimes there might be a queue as the campaign is full.

Travel To Player
If your friends are all playing in a campaign which is not your home or your guest campaign you can still join them by opening the Group Screen or Friends Screen, right clicking on their name and selecting Travel To Player which will transport you to the wayshrine closest to them – even in Cyrodiil.