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What's New in ElderScrolls Online Patch 1.6

The Elder Scrolls Online will be greatly Updated in the spring of 2015. There are new veteran content added in the game world. All players will experience different and exciting adventure. We look forward to the new Patch 1.6.




-Provisioning Revamp.
-Forward Camp Changes. Resources and inventory space will be reduced, but there are more immerse. So you don’t waste your current resource.
-Champion System. There are the Veteran ranks in the game. But thfere are a champion points for powerful players.
-Justice System. ESO items will be stolen in the new version. You can steal the items to sell and get gold. But you need control yourself. So there is Justice system is used to constraint theft.

-Audio Improvements and Fixes.
-PvP Lag.
-LFG Tool.

So far, what you should do is to level up your characters, gather good items and farm more ESO gold for the new patch. is your sincere friend to offer you timely help to explore the ESO game world. A larger number of cheap gold and items is provided for you with instant delivery. Come on! We offer the best service to you.