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eso-gold:Crimelords of Whitevale – WildStar Gold Run Easy Mode

This is very easy and straghtfoward adventure. You simply just need to run back and forth to objective zone killing or searching and you can dodge  90% of fights by staying out of NPC’S alert range or just keep running until Npc no longer chasing you when you aggro’ed accidently.

Aim for gold and fastest run

This adventure has variety of paths you can select. The fastest path is:

1,When you have either vengeance or alliance on your options, choose it.

2,Choose only the Rocktown Rollers patch when it appeares, dodge all the fights if it asks you to ride a bike to other objective zone (save plenty of time)

3, No player Death

4, Finish the adventure in 30mins ( normally you only need approx 20 mins ).

By far this is the most easiest adventure you can get a gold reward. The purple drops are:

The Sure Shot - AP pistols

Mindmender’s Mask - Light SP head

Alcina’s Rippergrips - Medium AP glove

Rocktown Armored Pants - Heavy AP pant

Wanda’s Rollerboots -Medium SP feet

Shield of Ravok -Tech Shield

Bloodsoaked Headband -Light moxies/insight head

Rocktown Colors -Light AP Chest

and We don’t know if these epics drop from different path yet. What we know that the rocktower path drops The Sure Shot, Mindmender’s Mask, and Alcina’s Rippergrips for sure.


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