Gide for Choose a Proper ESO Class

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-04 16:01:53
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As we all know, it's vital for mmo games players to choose a proper class. A right class can help you play more easily and bring more interests. So it is important to know the class system well before you choose a class. In other words, more you know all classes, the easier you can choose. There are four classes can be chosen, and here is some basic information for everyone. The details are as follows: 


Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight often be called the basic fighters, you can get some extra rewards by using fire magic. The powerful Dragon Knight wield the power of fire to dish out serious amounts of damage. They can do well in close quarters battles, and there is a skill tree can be touched into. It is easy to wield any weapon for them, and once you choose this class, you can find so many people running around with bows, swords or other 2 handed weapons. 



The second class, let’s come to Sorcerer. It is primary magic using class and it is often be called the Mage, or Wizard or Necromancer. It own multiple skill trees to deal with long range damage.  They can wield the power of lightning. You can use a staff to sling your powerful spells. 



Templar is a warrior wielding holy magic to kill enemies or heal group members. In ESO, it is the most diverse classes and you can use different skill trees to do different things. In a group, you won’t find many Templar. Especially, you’d best to use a staff with Templar healer. 



Nightblade in ESO is stealthy assassin class, just like Rogues or rangers in other mmo games.As the most dedicated DPS class, it allow players to deal large amounts of damage. No matter which skill tree you choose, you can deal tons of damage with Nightblade. If you like solo in ESO, it is also great because of high sustain values. 


Every class in ESO has their feature, you can choose a proper class according to which way will you play. Good luck!