Guide For ESO Newbies: Abbreviations For Classes

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2017-08-11 06:04:57
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Some newbies lost at classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. They don't know whta these names say to them. Here we'll tell you the labels veteran players signed for the classes.


Every class can do everything, just some are better at jobs then others. Like Nightblades are good Dps and okay tanks and while they can heal it isn't exactly preferred.



A few of the classes have abbreviations that are straight forward: DK (Dragonknight), NB (Dightblade), sorc and temp.

A particular class doesn't necessarily dictate a specific role. That said there is some nomenclature that we use to clear some things up.

"Stam" or "mag" with a class typically means a DD build centered around that attribute. We also mash the words together a lot (stamblade = stamina nightblade).


Healers and tanks are typically labeled as such (DK tank), although people often leave off the class. In this case it's assumed that tanks are DKs and healers are Templars since these classes are the superior classes for the role (although not all DKs are tanks, in fact stamDK is an especially strong dos class right now).



As said before every class can do everything however certain classes are more proficient in certain aspects.


DK - Best used as Tank. Also strong magic DPS. Not sure about stamina DPS.

Sorc - Best used as magic DPS, have heard of sorc healers though. Never played a stam sorc but it's good ones in PVP.

NB - Best used as stamina DPS. Have heard they're pretty good magic DPS too, and run through content with NB tanks who have done really well.

Templar - Best used as healer. Usually keep him as a healer though just because templars are so built for it and I usually insta-pop queues.

Warden - Some players don't have experience with the Warden but I guess the consensus is it's a good #2 tank/healer. Somewhat lacking in both stamina and magic DPS.


Really unless you're doing top tier endgame stuff, you should be able to tackle most stuff in any role with any class. Also respeccing is pretty easy so you can pretty much just change your skills out if you decide a certain archetype isn't for you.


All of them can be damage dealers. For support, Dragonknight is by far the best tank. For healers, Warden and Templar are BiS.


All classes can do DPS, Heal or Tank but in general...


Dragonknight - Tank

Nightblade - DPS

Templar - Heal

Sorc - DPS

Warden - Jack of all trades, master of none


Of course, this is from the limited experience off the top of some veteran players.