Guide for Thieves Guild Areas in ESO

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2016-03-05 11:19:48
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Travelers to Hew’s Bane and Abah’s Landing must be ever vigilant. Keep your purse-strings tight, for pickpockets, thieves, and swindlers call this corner of Hammerfell home. Or don’t – it’s your coin. Finding the Thieves Guild, though? They’ll find you.


Map of Hew’s Bane



1. Abah’s Landing

2. Shark’s Teeth Grotto

3. Bahraha’s Gloom

4. No Shira Citadel


Hew’s Bane



When the luckless Prince Hubalajad marched to bring civilization to southern Khefrem, he discovered a barren peninsula hostile to most life – scorching heat, brackish water and ground unsuitable for crops. Very little has changed in the two millennia since. Seasonal rains and poor drainage lead to constant flooding. Only the hardiest flora and fauna survive. The rocky, treacherous terrain is barely suitable for the bandits who prey upon lone travelers. Despite his best efforts, “Prince Hew” was foiled at every turn by a land that seemingly did not want to be tamed. Long ago called Khefrem’s Boot, it is now known as Hew’s Bane.


Abah’s Landing



The free port of Abah’s Landing has existed in one form or another since Prince Hew’s time. Once a shantytown supporting the construction of the No Shira Citadel, it has long since become a bustling city through which the riches of the Abecean flow. The secret to its wealth comes from a quiet agreement struck hundreds of years ago between the city’s powerful merchant lords and the pirates who prowl the Abecean Sea. Put simply, any plunder brought to Abah’s Landing is purchased, with no questions asked. This lucrative arrangement expanded the city beyond its means, and today it requires the constant importing of food to survive. Though the merchant lords attempt to outdo one another with elaborate mansions, none lay claim to the opulent Hubalajad Palace. As the rumor goes, any who claim the palace as their own will become as bereft of luck as Prince Hew himself.


Shark’s Teeth Grotto



This concealed grotto has long been a place for those who wish to avoid the merchant lords’ reach. The grotto regularly floods, which is why its residents built their homes up, directly into the grotto’s walls. It’s unclear who constructed the half-finished temple deep within, but most assume it was one of Prince Hew’s follies. “Ownership” of the grotto changes constantly, rarely lasting more than a generation before a new group of tenants ousts the old. The Shark’s Teeth bandit gang has claimed the grotto as their home for the past year. The merchant lords of Abah’s Landing haven’t yet updated their maps.


Bahraha’s Gloom



The poorly-kept secret at the heart of Hew’s Bane is the sealed tomb of Magnifico Bahraha. Prince Hew’s treacherous half-uncle tricked his hapless nephew into constructing an elaborate family tomb. Here, Bahraha and a sect of necromancers practiced their dark trade on the unfortunates of Abah’s Landing. Once Bahraha’s crimes came to light, Prince Hew decreed his uncle should be permanently immured within the tomb. He and his followers were imprisoned with little food and water, and Yokudan priests sealed the tomb. To this day, the seals are still maintained.


No Shira Citadel



Prince Hubalajad’s first major effort to bring Yokudan civilization to southern Khefrem involved the construction of an extravagant fort to overlook the Abecean Sea. From here, powerful siege engines could defend the natural harbor of Abah’s Landing from enemy vessels. Unfortunately for Prince Hew, the constant flooding and poor foundation served to naturally undermine the walls and buildings. Though eventually abandoned, in the two millennia since the citadel has served as a temporary home for bandits, an Imperial legion, mercenaries and even a traveling circus.