Guide: Ways To Unlock Morrowind's World Boss And Delve Dailies In The Game Of Elder Scrolls Online

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Time: 2019-03-09 16:58:44
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Guide: Ways To Unlock Morrowind


  Every fan of the Elder Scrolls Online knows the Celebration of Morrowind Event is the second of four events in the game of Elder Scrolls Online's annual-long quest to get and evolve Indrik mounts. If you are lucky enough, once you have this mount, to earn more Elder Scrolls Online Gold would be just a piece of cake. During the event time, by completing a World Boss and a Delve daily quest, you can get two event tickets every day. But, when you first reach to Vvardenfell, you can not pick up the dailies, you have to jump through a few hoops to make the daily quest givers available. Here are some steps to show you how to do it.



  In order to unlock the quest givers, here are two steps you should follow:

  The FIRST step is: Complete The Divine Conundrum, cause this is the first quest in the Vvardenfell zone quest line.

  The SECOND step is: Pick up the quest that unlocks the quest givers.

  During the Morrowind Celebration time, you can start The Divine Conundrum quest from the Collections tab in the UI. Here are the steps:

  Click Collections>Stories>Zone DLC (Downloadable Content)>Morrowind>Accept Quest.

  Once you accept the quest, you will notice quest giver Canon Valasa’s quest marker right next to the Seyda Neen Wayshrine on the map of Vvardenfell. Or you also can launch the quest straightly from Canon Valasa and even do not need to activate this in the Collections UI.

  The Divine Conundrum, in general, is a multi-step involved quest, it involves a great deal of dialogue introducing players to Vvardenfell and then setting up the zone quest. You might be tempted to blow through the dialogue options to get to the daily quest givers as soon as possible, but the zone quest is a pretty good one that no one should be missed, so never ever miss that if you have not done it.

  A Call for Aid would unlock, and the quest that unlocks the daily quest givers after you finish The Divine Conundrum. Then you can pick it up from wanted posters in Vivec City. When you finish The Divine Conundrum, just leave Vivec’s Palace, run down the long stairway and keep forward until you come to a T-cross. Then a bulletin board with A Call for Aid will be on the wall in front of you. And then the quest givers are a few steps away through a door on your left.

  The quest givers, in fact, are brokers who offer you the dailies, but the rewards are not included the event tickets. To get the reward, you have to go to the person who put out the quest contract. You can find their location on the map even though actually finding them could be very frustrating for the reason of Vivec City is a confusing place and that could be very difficult to get around in until you finally figure it out.

  Please notice that you must have access to the Morrowind chapter to do any of this. If you do not have this authority, it's on sale in the Crown Store so purchase it and happy hunting and we really appreciate everything that Bethesda has done!